Business Hours


Hewitt Machine & Mfg. Inc. is known to marine dealers as a leading producer of boat lifts and docks. The manufacturing plant is located along Highway 14 in Nicollet, Minnesota. The company annually employs 85 full time and seasonal workers. The docks and lifts are shipped to Hewitt dealers across the U.S., up into Canada and even to Belgium and Holland. The business started in 1971 when Larry purchased Bauer Welding Shop. Larry did mostly welding, machining, automotive repair and fixed and sold lawn mowers at first. Their fortune turned in 1972 when Hewitt agreed to build a dock for a friend. He had a bad back and wanted an easier way to put in his dock. They did a little brainstorming with the idea of putting wheels on a dock. They found a do-it-yourself book and went and looked at some rafters Larry’s Uncle used in his metal business. Instead of using wood for the sides, they used light duty steel rafters. The 64 foot long dock had two sets of car tires and wheels for moving it in and out.